Our Bikes


1984 Peugeot P20 Folding Bicycle with 3-speed Sturmey Archer hub and side-pull brakes. Acquired November 2010 in Sarasota. Kenda whitewalls 20x1.75 (47-406).


Unknown Year Yeah Folding bike with 6 speed Shimano gears and center pull brakes. Its tires are 20x1.5 (46-406). It was acquired in Fort Lauderdale and belongs to the boyfriend.


Royal Dutch Gazelle Toer Populaire 8-speed Shimano and 28 inch tires. Hand roller brakes in the hub, gears in the hub, and light (front and rear) dynamo all in the hub. Full chainguard, dress guard, and mud flap on front fender. Got a traditional kickstand put on it that goes underneath the rear wheel and lifts the wheel up. The Behemoth was shipped down to Palm Beach in a box the size of a car from the Netherlands. This is the best traditional Dutch bicycle around and is by a company formally endorsed by the Dutch Queen.


2008 Electra Amsterdam Classic 3i Mens with coaster brake, 3-speed Shimano internal hub, front light with bottle generator, rear battery light, full chainguard, coat guard, mudflap on front fender and rear rack with bungee strap cord. History of the bike is that apparently it was owned by the son of the brother of Enrique Iglesias. Somehow I managed to haul this thing in my mustang up 95 from Miami. Upgraded headlight to battery powered from trip to Amsterdam.


1968 Dutch Spitz 3 speed with drum brakes, mudflap, Schwalbe delta creme cruiser tires, full chainguard, dress guards, and rear rack. Frame is lugged with little Dutch flags all over the decals. Bike is dated via Sturmey Archer gear hub. Also comes with an air pump fitted onto the frame and an old but working O-lock on the rear wheel. Upgraded some parts that I bought in Amsterdam like battery powered front and rear lights and replaced the rear wheel dress guards that had snapped from age. Found this on CL for $50.